Bank of America: First Days

The Problem — Bank of America funds DE&I career-starting nonprofits, but they've only ever shared their commitment through statistics and monetary values—lacking humanity.

The Solution — We interviewed real program alumni who detailed how deeply their lives changed through these opportunities and photographed authentic moments of their First Days. The photographer? A talented graduate himself whose dream happened to be professional photography. The only man for the job, Malik Robinson.


Photography —  Malik Robinson

Copywriter — Kylee Hegarty
Creative Director — Topher Warmanen
Producer — Jessica Torpey
Videographer —  Wheaton Simis

:30 — Through Malik's Lens

3:00 — Through Malik's Lens


:30 — First Days (National)

:30 — First Days (Localized, Charlotte)

:30 — First Days (Localized, Chicago)